• autism

How to Better Understand Autism this World Autism Awareness Week

Written by Dr Kati Hajibagheri for Doctify
“Autism didn’t stop Einstein, Mozart or Newton from reaching for the stars.”

Learning about Autism and how it affects people is an incredibly important part of understanding it. For this World

  • gynaecological cancers

Tips on How to Spot Symptoms of Gynaecological Cancers

Written by Ms Rhonda Flemming for Doctify
More than 21,000 women in the UK diagnosed with a gynaecological cancer each year so it’s important to be aware of the five gynaecological cancers; cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal and vulval. As there’s no

  • help your clinic achieve its full potential

How to Help Your Clinic Achieve its Full Potential

Written by Rob Glass from ConsultantCare for Doctify
ConsultantCare is a comprehensive support service that not only manages medical specialists’ basic administration but also undertakes financial, marketing and PR activity on their behalf to help promote

  • gp event

Inside our GP Event: What a GP Needs to Know About Skin Disease

Written by Catherine Hales for Doctify
Last week, we held our second GP event at Google HQ in partnership with MyLocumManager and Echo. The event was one ins a series of inspirational CPD gatherings for busy

  • sciatica

Pain in Your Back and Down your Leg? You Might Have Sciatica

Written by Mr Navin Verghese
Back pain. The scourge of the sedentary office worker, it can become debilitating if not treated correctly. But what about when that pain spreads from your back all the way down

  • social media for medical professionals

Our Guide to Social Media for Medical Professionals

Written by Catherine Hales for Doctify
Social media is tricky. Whether you are using it for your own personal reasons or to build a brand, each different platform seems to follow different rules.

As a medical practitioner,

  • international women's day

Our Guide to Women’s Health on International Women’s Day

Written by Catherine Hales for Doctify
Happy International Women’s Day, everyone! This year, celebrating IWD feels extra special as we remember the Suffragettes, who fought for and won the fight for the right vote 100 years

  • hysterectomy

What is a Hysterectomy and Why Did Lena Dunham Need One?

Written by Mr Jayanta Chatterjee for Doctify
Lena Dunham has been making headlines recently. Not for her radical writing, tendency towards nudity and penchant for controversy but instead for her decision to undergo a hysterectomy. Dunham