• hip replacement surgery

How Robots can Help with your Hip Replacement Surgery

Written by Mr Arjuna Imbuldeniya for Doctify
Robots carrying out hip replacements sounds like something out of Blade Runner. However, don’t expect solo cyborg surgeries anytime soon. Here to explain more about the role robots now

  • frozen shoulder

How to tell if you are Suffering from a Frozen Shoulder

Written by Mr Nicholas Ferran for Doctify
Ever wondered exactly what a Frozen Shoulder is? Here to enlighten us is Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Nicholas Ferran.
What is Frozen Shoulder?
Frozen shoulder is a common condition that results in

  • osteoperosis

8 Conditions You might Not Know are Linked to Osteoporosis

Written by Mr Taher Mahmud for Doctify
Many people think osteoporosis is simply linked to old age – the older we get, the more chance we have of developing osteoporosis. While this is true in some

  • hay fever

6 Top Tips for Handling Hay Fever this Spring

Written by Mr Samer Hamada for Doctify

As we head into the summer we’re looking forward to warmer days where we can spend time outside. However, if you suffer from hay fever this can be a


Meeting the Medical Director of Top Performing Orthopaedic Centre SWLEOC

Written by Mr Philip Mitchell for Doctify
We spoke to the Medical Director of the South West London Elective Orthopaedic Centre (SWLEOC) to find out about the centre’s unique offering and special attention to recovery and

  • why is my period late

Why Is My Period Late? Expert Advice from a Gynaecologist

Written by Mr Narendra Pisal for Doctify
That feeling of panic when a period doesn’t arrive is an almost universal experience for women. Why is my period late? Am I pregnant? Or just late? There are