• shoulder

Everything You Need to Know About Shoulder Pain

Written by Mr Nashat Siddiqui for Doctify
Orthopaedic Surgeon, Mr Nashat Siddiqui’s guide to shoulder pain and injuries.
What is the most common cause of shoulder pain?
Unlike the hip joint, the shoulder is made up of more

  • cataracts

What are Cataracts and How are they Treated?

Written by Miss Sharmina Khan for Doctify
Losing part or all of your eyesight can be a frightening notion, however it is something that often occurs with age. Here to tell us a little more about

  • moles

Summer Skincare: Learn How and When to Check your Moles

Written by Dr Sajjad Rajpar for Doctify
It’s summer, the time to get out and get a little vitamin D is here. But the sun can have its dangers and knowing how to spot skin cancer

  • cirrhosis

What is Cirrhosis of the Liver and How is it Treated?

Written by Dr Yiannis Kallis for Doctify
Liver health is incredibly important – but how can you tell if yours is damaged? What are the symptoms and how can this be treated? Here to tell us is

  • mindfulness

What are the Psychological Benefits of Mindfulness?

Written by Kate Potter for Doctify
Mindfulness. You may have heard it spoken of with reverence or disdain. Either way, it seems to be a polarising practice that has kept people talking. But what actually is

  • Computer Navigated Hip and Knee Replacement

Our Guide to Computer Navigated Hip and Knee Replacement

Written by Mr Reza Jenabzadeh for Doctify
Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Reza Jenabzadeh provides us with a complete guide of to what to expect from computer navigated hip and knee replacement.
What is computer navigated joint replacement?

The concept of

  • anxiety

VIDEO: What is Anxiety and how can it be Reduced?

Featuring Dr Brock Chisholm for Doctify
Anxiety is something that many people live with and have to conquer every day. Whether you suffer every so often in times of great stress or whether you feel crippled

  • sunscreen

Sun Safety: Is Your Sunscreen Safe?

Written by Dr Anjali Mahto for Doctify

If you search online for information about sunscreen safety you’ll soon find people questioning their safety. The ingredients usually implicated are retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone and nanoparticles. I know how

  • hiit classes

HIIT Classes: The Benefits and Hidden Dangers

Written by Mr Amit Amin for Doctify
Barrecore, Barry’s Boot Camp, Soul Cycle, Frame – the list of trendy exercise classes on offer in London these days is seemingly endless. Among this myriad of Instagrammable fitness fads

  • midwife in London

Finding a Midwife in London: Everything You Need to Know

Written by Lucy Coe for Doctify
Birth. Its as old as humanity itself but these days there seems to be so much conflicting information on the best way to do it. With the advent of the