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The Doctify Team provide patients with the guidance they need to make the right health choices and we introduce them to forward-thinking health specialists. We are driven by a passionate belief that technology can make the patient-specialist relationship better.
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How to Find the Perfect Specialist for Conceiving and Pregnancy

Whether you’re trying for a child or are recently pregnant (congrats!), finding the perfect specialist to guide you on your journey through conceiving, pregnancy itself and giving birth is very important.

Ideally, you want a gynecologist

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Doctify for Dentists: How Our Service can Benefit You

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For the past year, Doctify has been providing patients with access to the UK’s finest private dental practitioners. But why do they choose Doctify?

Well, first of all let us explain a little about

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Inside the Latest Doctify Event: 7 Emergencies GPs Shouldn’t Miss

Written by Catherine Hales for Doctify
Last week, we here at Doctify hosted our second event. Held in our airy, stylish offices in the heart of Camden, ‘7 Emergencies a GP Should Never Miss’ was not

A cure for insomnia?

By Rajan Bhambra with psychologist Dr Catherine Sykes
We all love sleep. So not getting enough can lead to frustration and despair. But what exactly is insomnia? When should you seek help for it? And is there

Teeth Whitening: How to Get a Whiter Smile

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See what’s faster, stronger, and lasts longer with leading dentist Dr Druttman
Interviewed by Dr Maryam Tribak for Doctify

Teeth whitening, is an obsession dating back to the Ancient Egyptians. The pursuit of a brighter

Movember: A Month All About Men!

 Mr. Laniado      Mr. Chitale        Mr. Poullis 

Featuring Mr. Marc Laniado, Mr. Sudhansu Chitale and Mr. Joseph Poullis
Written by Catherine Meyers for Doctify 

Have you taken the time to take care of the men in your life? This November join the

5 Tips to Help You Sleep Smarter

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Written by Catherine Meyers for Doctify

How much sleep did you get last night? 10 hours? 8 hours? 4 hours? Since we were kids, we’ve been told over and over again that getting a good night’s

Because Breathing is for Everyone!

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Written by Gurminder for Doctify

In today’s day and age, everyone is telling you to focus on your weight, your heart health, your physical health and your mental health. All have been proven to be

Breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s and Dementia

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Written by Gurminder for Doctify

Most of us will have someone in our lives, an elderly parent or grandparent who is becoming slightly more forgetful; they could be suffering from dementia. Dementia describes a set

How we can help with antibiotic resistance

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Written by  Gurminder for Doctify

Ever heard about superbugs or antibiotic resistance in the news? Do you know what it means?

Antibiotics are normally taken to fight the bacteria that might be causing an infection