About Mr Narendra Pisal

Mr Pisal has practiced gynaecology in London for over 10 years working as both a private and NHS consultant at The Portland Hospital for Women and Children, the Wellington Hospital, Highgate Private Hospital and The Whittington Hospital.
  • sexual health

Keeping on top of your Sexual Health

Written by Mr Narendra Pisal for Doctify

Do you only consider your sexual health when something appears wrong or when embarking on a new relationship?

It is so important to know your sexual health symptoms and be

  • why is my period late

Why Is My Period Late? Expert Advice from a Gynaecologist

Written by Mr Narendra Pisal for Doctify
That feeling of panic when a period doesn’t arrive is an almost universal experience for women. Why is my period late? Am I pregnant? Or just late? There are

  • HPV

Why Should I Vaccinate My Daughter Against HPV?

Written by Mr Narendra Pisal for Doctify

HPV is relatively common, affecting 1 in 10 women at some stage in their lives and many women live with it without ever knowing they’ve had it as their

  • ovulation pain

What causes Ovulation Pain and How do you Treat It?

Written by Mr Narendra Pisal for Doctify
Menstrual cramps are bad enough but some women are actually suffering twice a month. Ovulation pain which, fun fact, is also known as Mittelschmerz (a German word literally meaning ‘middle

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Ask the expert: Exploring Women’s health

Written by Mr Narendra Pisal for Doctify

Gynaecologists specialise in women’s health of course, but what symptoms do they see every day in their consulting rooms? We asked Mr. Pisal, Consultant Gynaecologist from London Gynaecology, to