About Dr Sofia Eriksson

Dr Sofia Eriksson is a Consultant Neurologist specialising in epilepsy and neurological sleep disorders. She has considerable experience in the treatment of a full range of seizure disorders ranging from parasomnias to narcolepsy.
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6 Things You Never Knew About Narcolepsy

Written by Dr Sofia Eriksson for Doctify
When people have narcolepsy in the movies, they tend to fall asleep immediately, no matter what they’re doing. It’s often played for comedy as sufferers instantly pass out mid-conversation.


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What Actually Happens When We Sleepwalk?

Written by Dr Sofia Eriksson for Doctify
We all know the old saying: “Never wake a sleepwalker!” But why not? And what actually is sleepwalking in the first place?

Here to answer that and other sleepwalking-related queries