All Ears: What You Need to Know About Pinnaplasty

Written by Professor Iain Bruce for Doctify
What is a Pinnaplasty?
Some people are born with prominent ears that cause them significant psychological distress and lower self-esteem.
Can you Describe the Procedure?
There are two main surgical techniques utilised for correcting

Aesthetic Injectables: What You Need to Know

Written by Dr Catharine Denning for Doctify

Dr Catharine Denning tells us everything you need to know about aesthetic injectables and how to find the right Doctor for your treatment.

What are injectables?
Aesthetic injectables is a broad term which, up

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A Dentist’s Guide to Getting Rid of Bad Breath

Written by Dr Pradeep Sharma for Doctify

Bad breath or halitosis is considered to be a social taboo.  People are often stigmatized leading to embarrassment impacting the life of the individual and their relationships with others.

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Summer Skincare: Learn How and When to Check your Moles

Written by Dr Sajjad Rajpar for Doctify
It’s summer, the time to get out and get a little vitamin D is here. But the sun can have its dangers and knowing how to spot skin cancer

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Sun Safety: Is Your Sunscreen Safe?

Written by Dr Anjali Mahto for Doctify

If you search online for information about sunscreen safety you’ll soon find people questioning their safety. The ingredients usually implicated are retinyl palmitate, oxybenzone and nanoparticles. I know how

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How to Improve Acne Scarring After Just One Treatment

Written by Dr Firas Al-Niaimi for Doctify
The condition of our skin can often be a source of great anxiety. Spots lingering past puberty well into our thirties, psoriasis flare ups from stress or scars from past

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Doctify for Dentistry: Ten Top Tips for a Healthy Smile in 2018

Written by Dr Pradeep Sharma for Doctify
When you were younger, you were told a few basic things about maintaining a healthy smile. Brush twice a day and not too many sweets, we were told. As

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Should I Take Vitamin D Supplements? Ask the Expert

Written by Mr Siva Kumar for Doctify
The British weather is in constant change, and the summer months seem fleeting. But does a lack of sun cause low levels of vitamin D? Doctify Specialist Mr Siva Kumar explains why

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Everything you ever Wanted to Know about Teeth Whitening

Written by Dr Pradeep Sharma for Doctify
A smile. Easily given, gratefully received. One can transform your face. It makes sense then, to care for that smile the same way you do your hair or your

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Men’s Health Month: A Guide to Hair Transplant Aftercare

Written by Dr Mark Tam for Doctify
So, you’re thinking of getting a hair transplant. But how soon will you be able to go back to work? Can you still dye your hair? Will you have