• sciatica

Pain in Your Back and Down your Leg? You Might Have Sciatica

Written by Mr Navin Verghese
Back pain. The scourge of the sedentary office worker, it can become debilitating if not treated correctly. But what about when that pain spreads from your back all the way down

  • laser therapy

How can Laser Therapy help Speed Up the Healing Process?

Written by Mr Michael Fatica for Doctify
At The Mayfair Clinic, we like to help our patients as much as we can, and that includes with their questions. We have had some questions about the treatments

  • osteopath

Do you Actually Know the Difference between a Chiropractor and an Osteopath?

Written by Mr Michael Fatica for Doctify
Knowing what kind of health specialist to go to for what complaint can be something of a mystery. Here to explain the difference between an Osteopath and Chiropractor and

  • sore back

What does your sore back say about you?

Written by Mr Imran Liaquat for Doctify
Of all the everyday health complaints we suffer from, a sore back is probably one of the most common. But what causes this pain? And do different types of

  • kidney stones

What are Kidney Stones and how do you treat them?

Written by Mr Andrew Ballaro for Doctify
If, like me, your knowledge of kidney stones consists of Joey bent over double in agony in an old episode of Friends then this is the article for you.

Ask the expert: 5 questions about back pain

“Why do I have back pain?” 

Low back pain is an extremely common problem. So common that it is normal to get some back pain from time to time. Most of the time it is caused by muscular spasms due to

  • Chiropractor

Interview with Top Chiropractor Dr Luther Moss

Interviewed by Gurminder for Doctify
What is chiropractic?

A chiropractor use a range of techniques with focus on alignment, flexibility and strength of the body. They can also provide advice on exercise, diet, lifestyle and rehabilitation that