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Is Binge Watching TV Harming our Mental Health and Ruining our Sleep?

Written for Doctify

Have you finished watching Mindhunter yet? How about Stranger Things? And then there’s The Sinner, Big Mouth and countless other shows on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video. With the rise of

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Men’s Health Month: Are you Experiencing the Man-o-pause?

Written by Dr Tim Lebens for Doctify

Adolescent behaviour is often put down to ‘too much testosterone’. Acne too. But what happens later in life if you don’t have enough? Dr Tim Lebens, a private GP

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Can you Suffer from SAD Even in the Summer?

Written by Dr Martin Saweirs for Doctify
No, that’s not a typo: being sad is a symptom of SAD. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression which, as the name suggests, presents at a

A cure for insomnia?

By Rajan Bhambra with psychologist Dr Catherine Sykes
We all love sleep. So not getting enough can lead to frustration and despair. But what exactly is insomnia? When should you seek help for it? And is there

Why do I sweat so much? Hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and its treatment

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Written by Doctify Dermatologist Dr Justine Kluk

What is hyperhidrosis?
Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition that literally means excessive sweating: “hyper” means too much and “hidrosis” means sweating.

We all need to sweat. If we didn’t sweat we’d overheat

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Is Pokemon Go tackling mental health problems?

The immensely popular game Pokemon go has been reported by NetDoctor to bring additional health benefits to a normally sedentary gaming culture.  Players of the game go out of their way to increase their time

Men’s health week: 5 symptoms you should never ignore

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Written by Gurminder for Doctify

British men are paying the price for neglecting their health: more than 100,000 men a year die prematurely. Don’t suffer in silence when there’s help at hand.

Here are five

Ask the Expert: Eating Disorders

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Interviewd by Gurminder for Doctify 

Next week is eating disorders awareness week, which aims to encourage earlier diagnosis of eating disorders.

We asked consultant psychiatrist Dr Belda to tell us more about them.

Tell us about the

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Mental Health: How to Spot and Treat Depression

.Interviewed by Gurminder for Doctify
Doctify spoke to Alexander Hedger on the very real issue of mental health and asked him to explain ways of spotting, combating and dealing with depression.

Alex has significant experience in using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy to