• hiit classes

HIIT Classes: The Benefits and Hidden Dangers

Written by Mr Amit Amin for Doctify
Barrecore, Barry’s Boot Camp, Soul Cycle, Frame – the list of trendy exercise classes on offer in London these days is seemingly endless. Among this myriad of Instagrammable fitness fads

  • christmas shopping

Why Christmas Shopping Is Good For You, If Not Your Bank Account

By Maureen Wanderi with Dr Catherine Atnas and Sociologist Tracey Collett for Doctify
Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year! A time for giving, spending time with family and friends, and Christmas shopping. But crowded

  • exercise medicine

So, what exactly is Sport and Exercise Medicine?

Written by Dr Philippa Bennett for Doctify
Most people have heard of physiotherapists and orthopaedic surgeons – but did you know there was a branch of medicine fully dedicated to sport and exercise? Here to tell

  • Stretching before Exercising

Fact Check: Stretching before Exercise

Written by Mr Jeremy Granville-Chapman for Doctify
If you asked me what the one cardinal rule of exercising was, I would immediately hear my school P.E. teacher’s voice echoing in my brain. ‘ALWAYS STRETCH FIRST!’ This is

Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

 Dr Saweirs     Dr Kluk 
Written by Nia Davies for Doctify

Black Friday has been and gone. The Christmas shopping season has officially begun. But are you still wondering what to buy? The festive season doesn’t have to

Finding excuses not to exercise? We’ll get you back on track!

Written by Mr Nick Cowan for Doctify

What’s holding you back from exercising? Have you injured your back, shin, knee or wrist? Or are you keeping away from the weights for fear of getting too bulky?

Ask the expert: 5 questions about back pain

“Why do I have back pain?” 

Low back pain is an extremely common problem. So common that it is normal to get some back pain from time to time. Most of the time it is caused by muscular spasms due to

  • Brain training

Brain Training is just as Important as Physical Training

Written by Dr Ralph Rodgers for Doctify
Dr Ralph Rogers explains how exercise benefits your brain in the same way it benefits the rest of your body.

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you.  It improves