• blackouts

Why am I Experiencing Blackouts?

Written by Dr Syed Ahsan for Doctify
It’s always worrying to lose control of your body. Fainting or blacking out can make us feel disoriented and scared but most of the time has an obvious explanation.


  • caffeine

Attention Coffee Addicts: Here’s what Caffeine is Doing to your Heart

Written by Mr Inderpaul Birdi  and The Nutrition Clinic for Doctify
There’s nothing quite like that morning cup of coffee. And the one after that. Plus, that afternoon flat white. Even if you’re not one for

  • keyhole heart surgery

A Complete Guide to Keyhole Heart Surgery

Written by Mr Inderpaul Birdi for Doctify
Finding out you need surgery is always scary; finding out you need heart surgery is just plain terrifying. Luckily, things have changed a little since the Fifties when surgeons first

  • High cholesterol

My cholesterol is high. Should I be worried?

Interviewed by Gurminder for Doctify

Complex “plaques” are deposits that can form in the walls of arteries. Cholesterol is a key component of these plaques. Over time, they can get bigger and cause narrowing of the

This week in Cardiology

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Interviewed by Gurminder for Doctify

If there’s one symptom that’s likely to give you palpitations, it’s this one. A beating heart is what keeps us alive so feeling like it’s going to jump out

  • love

Why doing what you love is good for your health

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Written by Mr Will Pike for Doctify
Why will doing what you love improve your health?

Why? Because love is what ultimately will bring you optimal health.

Not willpower. Nor having a perfect diet. Nor even exercising