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What are Kidney Stones and how do you treat them?

Written by Mr Andrew Ballaro for Doctify
If, like me, your knowledge of kidney stones consists of Joey bent over double in agony in an old episode of Friends then this is the article for you.

Looking After Your Kidneys: If You Have Diabetes

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Written by Dr Jonathan Kwan for Doctify

It was variably reported that between 25% to 40% of diabetic patients (both Type 1 and Type 2) will develop diabetic kidney complication. This could be very mild with only

Chronic Kidney disease: Avoiding overdiagnosis

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Written by Dr Jonathan Kwan for Doctify

Tell someone they’ve got “chronic kidney disease” (CKD) and they’re likely to fear the worst: dialysis machines and waiting for a kidney transplant. However, most people who are told they

5 Health benefits of Ginger

Native to south eastern Asia, Ginger has long since been prized for its culinary and medicinal properties. Modern research has found that ginger has a variety of different properties that can lead to the following

What you should know on World Kidney Day

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Written by Dr Ravi Rajakariar for Doctify

The kidneys do more than just get rid of waste products and toxins from the blood. They also regulate the amount of water in the body, help

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March Health News

Written by Dr Tom Nolan for Doctify

With the worst of the winter out of the way and the days getting longer I’m in a positive mood. I’m looking forward to my next cough, I’m less