• richard sheridan

Mr Richard Sheridan: first CQC Accredited Obstetrician to Practice outside Central London

Written by Mr Richard Sheridan for Doctify
Making sure an expecting mother is taken care of during pregnancy is one of the fundamental responsibilities of her doctor. However, there are other elements other than the quality

  • early pregnancy

What should I look out for during Early Pregnancy?

Written by Mr Richard Sheridan for Doctify
Pregnancy is a miraculous thing. It can also be terrifying, especially if it’s your first. What is normal? When should I be worried? Am I doing this right? These

  • smear test

What does an Abnormal Smear Test Result Mean?

Written by Miss Sanjay Kumari for Doctify 
A smear test is often something that gets put off or avoided. But for women over 25, it’s a must. However, getting the test is the easy part –

  • Conceiving

How to Find the Perfect Specialist for Conceiving and Pregnancy

Whether you’re trying for a child or are recently pregnant (congrats!), finding the perfect specialist to guide you on your journey through conceiving, pregnancy itself and giving birth is very important.

Ideally, you want a gynecologist

  • endometriosis

Endometriosis or Just a Painful Period?

Written by Mr Jayanta Chatterjee for Doctify
Painful periods are something many women suffer through every month. Whether you find relief from ibuprofen or yoga, applied heat or the coil, the pain can be a life-disrupting burden.


  • ovulation pain

What causes Ovulation Pain and How do you Treat It?

Written by Mr Narendra Pisal for Doctify
Menstrual cramps are bad enough but some women are actually suffering twice a month. Ovulation pain which, fun fact, is also known as Mittelschmerz (a German word literally meaning ‘middle