• mindfulness

What are the Psychological Benefits of Mindfulness?

Written by Kate Potter for Doctify
Mindfulness. You may have heard it spoken of with reverence or disdain. Either way, it seems to be a polarising practice that has kept people talking. But what actually is

  • anxiety

VIDEO: What is Anxiety and how can it be Reduced?

Featuring Dr Brock Chisholm for Doctify
Anxiety is something that many people live with and have to conquer every day. Whether you suffer every so often in times of great stress or whether you feel crippled

  • dry january

Dry January is Finally Over but Does it Actually Help in the Long Term?

Written by Mr Gary Bloom for Doctify
Dry January is something that has taken off in recent years. For some the motivation behind it is to cut back after overindulging at Christmas. Others are sponsored to

  • how to cope this valentine's day

A Psychotherapist’s Top Tips on How to Cope this Valentine’s Day

Written by Mr Gary Bloom for Doctify

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Either a day to spoil your chosen mate with heart shaped boxes full of chocolates and stuffed toys embroidered with saccharine messages embroidered on their tummies

  • new year's resolutions

The Psychology Behind Making (and Breaking) New Year’s Resolutions

Written by Dr Kate Potter for Doctify
Making new year’s resolutions is easy. Keeping them is another matter. The idea that the clock strikes midnight on 31st December and we all wake up as brand new

  • christmas shopping

Why Christmas Shopping Is Good For You, If Not Your Bank Account

By Maureen Wanderi with Dr Catherine Atnas and Sociologist Tracey Collett for Doctify
Christmas – the most wonderful time of the year! A time for giving, spending time with family and friends, and Christmas shopping. But crowded

  • flying

Scared of Flying? Here are a Psychologist’s Tips to Help You

Written by Dr Nick Mooney for Doctify
What is more fun than heading off on a holiday? Whether you prefer soaking up the sun or swooshing down the slopes, getting away from it all is not

  • burnout

Is your Work Causing you to Suffer from Burnout?

Written by Dr Lisa Alfrey for Doctify
Its the end of the week. You’re excited for the weekend but half of you just wants to crawl under the covers and never come out again. Or perhaps

  • mental health

How to Find the Right Mental Health Specialist for You

The conversation around mental health is slowly improving. There definitely is less stigma and more understanding surrounding psychological issues but seeking help can still be a difficult step.

Convenience is important; your treatment should slot into

  • anxiety tube map

TFL’s Anxiety Tube Map Helps Sufferers to Navigate London

Written by Catherine Hales for Doctify
Travelling to work on the Tube every day can be a nuisance. But for those who suffer from anxiety or claustrophobia, the journey can be almost unbearable. Luckily, the folks