• tips for beating insomnia

Top Tips for Beating Insomnia and Taming Sleep Anxiety

This article was written by Anxiety Expert Chloe Brotheridge and first appeared in Good Zing: the one-stop shop for finding (*and sharing) all the best health tips and tricks for your everyday issues.

Most of us suffer from a degree of anxiety

  • binge watching

Is Binge Watching TV Harming our Mental Health and Ruining our Sleep?

Written for Doctify

Have you finished watching Mindhunter yet? How about Stranger Things? And then there’s The Sinner, Big Mouth and countless other shows on streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video. With the rise of

  • stop snoring

Why you Should See a Dentist to Help Stop Snoring

Written by Devonshire Place Dental Practice for Doctify
Snoring. Comical? Sometimes. Annoying? Always. This common nighttime occurrence can prevent sleep, both in the snorer and their partner. So, who should you go and see to fix

  • insomnia

Are you Sleeping Enough? How Insomnia can Affect your Overall Health

Written by Dr Ralph Rodgers for Doctify
Sleep is just as important to your health and wellbeing as good nutrition, exercise, and stress management.

It’s far too easy to stay awake at night watching TV or surfing

  • narcolepsy

6 Things You Never Knew About Narcolepsy

Written by Dr Sofia Eriksson for Doctify
When people have narcolepsy in the movies, they tend to fall asleep immediately, no matter what they’re doing. It’s often played for comedy as sufferers instantly pass out mid-conversation.


  • anaemia

Feeling Tired and Sluggish? You could have Anaemia

Written by Dr Anton Bungay for Doctify
It’s Monday morning. Getting out of bed feels even more of a challenge than usual even though you slept eight hours last night. Should you cut back on the

A cure for insomnia?

By Rajan Bhambra with psychologist Dr Catherine Sykes
We all love sleep. So not getting enough can lead to frustration and despair. But what exactly is insomnia? When should you seek help for it? And is there

Reduce Stress This Festive Season

 Dr. Akhtar     Mr. Hedger 
Written by Catherine Meyers for Doctify

With the holidays right around the corner, you may start noticing yourself losing some sleep and becoming more stressed. We all love the festive season but it can

5 Tips to Help You Sleep Smarter

Book a Specialist 

Written by Catherine Meyers for Doctify

How much sleep did you get last night? 10 hours? 8 hours? 4 hours? Since we were kids, we’ve been told over and over again that getting a good night’s

  • Pregnancy Glow Tips

5 ways to maintain the “pregnancy glow”

Pregnancy often brings with it the so-called “pregnancy glow”. Changes to circulating blood volume and an abundance of hormones result in thick, shiny hair and a bright, flushed complexion for many women.  These changes usually start