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How to Find the Right Specialist for Men’s Health

There are several articles detailing why men hate going to the doctor. John Chisholm, Chair of the British Medical Association’s Ethics Committee, says that “There is a cultural understanding that all men should be macho. But we

  • peyronie's disease

Men’s Health: 5 Signs you may have Peyronie’s Disease

Written by Mr Amr Raheem for Doctify
Several studies show that women are more likely to seek medical help than men. Men’s health often seems to be swept under the rug, but ignoring medical problems doesn’t

  • incontinence

Don’t be Shy: Demystifying the Causes of Stress Incontinence

Written by Mr Sachin Malde for Doctify
Incontinence is not exactly a common topic of conversation. Some people might relegate it as a term that applies only to the elderly. However, with stress incontinence, this is

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Don’t Let Treating an Enlarged Prostate Ruin your Sex Life

Written by Mr Richard Hindley for Doctify

An enlarged prostate is one of the most common causes of urinary issues in men over 50. This condition has two types of treatment: surgery and medication, both of

  • men's fertility

We Need to Talk About Sperm: Addressing Men’s Fertility

Written by Mr Stephen Gordon for Doctify
Female fertility is everywhere. You can barely catch a tube without being inundated with ads for IVF clinics. Every other YouTube video is prefaced with a nauseating clip of

  • overactive bladder

Always need to pee? You may have an overactive bladder

epWritten by Mr Sachin Malde for Doctify
Can’t sit through a whole film? Have to make several loo breaks on a car journey? Unable to sleep through the night?  You may have an overactive bladder.

OAB can

  • UTIs

Why Women get UTIs and How to Avoid Them

Written by Mr Andrew Ballaro for Doctify
If you’re a woman, you have probably experienced the feeling of dread and dismay that comes with contracting UTIs. You know that days of discomfort are ahead of you

Doctor’s predictions for 2016

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Written by Dr Tom Nolan for Doctify

What do the experts think will be the big health breakthroughs in 2016? We asked some of our experts what their predictions are for the next year.