Question: What ENTPs look for in a partner?

Most enjoy games, movies, the arts and culture, as well as various outdoor activities. Consequently, ENTPs also seek a partner who is flexible and willing to join them in a breadth of activities. They want a mate who brings a curious attitude to life and isnt afraid to explore new experiences, options, and ideas.

How do you know if an Entp loves you?

A good way to tell an ENTP likes you is seeing if they ask you to tag along, like inviting you to their world. A problem with ENTPs is that they are distant even if they dont look like it, because despite being able to befriend a lot of people, they are slow to make deep connections.

Do ENTPs talk about feelings?

ENTPs actually do care deeply about their loved ones, and for them their focus of emotions is often outward. They might not use their extraverted feeling (Fe) as one of their stronger functions, but it isnt their weakest of functions either.

Can ENTPs be possessive?

ENTPs are definitely not possessive people, and prefer to have space in their relationships. ENTPs dislike feeling like they are being controlled, and do not want to be seen as controlling in return.

Are ENTPs aggressive?

Do you have a tendency towards passive-aggression? ENTPs detest passive-aggressive behavior and prefer it when people come right out and just say whats on their mind or whats bothering them.

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